Network Design & Integration

Network Design

Grand Solutions can offer your company an affordable network design solution for today while providing you with expansion capabilities for the future. We will help you solve today’s complex computer and networking challenges in the way that works best for your company. We combine extensive resources with a focused team approach. We offer a single, reliable source for a full range of network services and small business network design.

Acting as your technology partner, Grand Solutions evaluates and understands your business needs and matches them with precisely the right tools and services. We are ready to assist during all stages of your network growth, from planning and design through implementation, and with ongoing management. Our consultants provide an expert supplemental resource and independent perspective to resolve your problems. Our consultants also develop and deliver custom solutions to help accomplish your project goals from lengthy large-scale implementations to brief problem-solving assignments.

Designing today’s complex high-speed switching solutions requires advanced network integration expertise and intricate applications of powerful technology. Grand Solutions’ installation professionals assure the successful integration of best-in-class network electronics from Juniper, Cisco, Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, just to mention a few. Services include equipment inventory and burn-in; network electronics installation, configuration, and optimization; and remote access solutions.

Network Integration

Call on Grand Solution's professional experts whenever you need them from network planning and design, project management, coordination of installation details or security assessment and development. Applying our knowledge of business applications and systems, we can offer you advice on migrating to new technologies and custom-build the network solution that's best for you. The complex and rapidly changing technologies incorporated in today’s networks are driving the need for a broader range of on-site support services.

Grand Solutions provides skilled network integration and infrastructure professionals to augment the in-house staff of our customers in support of day-to-day network operations and management. Your campus size is an important factor in network design. A large campus has several or many co-located buildings; a medium campus is one or several co-located buildings, while a small campus has one building. Regardless of your network's size, Grand Solutions can deliver campus network solutions to suit your unique requirements.

At Grand Solutions, when designing and planning for a network, starting small, while allowing the ability to grow makes perfect sense. Even a modest network can pay large dividends by saving time, improving communication between employees, customers, and suppliers, increasing productivity, and opening new paths to worldwide information resources. In this respect, networks are like cars. You don’t have to know the details about the engine to get where you need to go. Grand Solution’s network optimization services are geared toward maximizing the rate of return of our clients' enterprise network investments.