Grand Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a small office with only a couple of PC’s, will Grand Solutions support my small office?

A: Yes!  Grand Solutions offers support for all types of businesses – small and large.  From a single PC to a multi-user, multi-site network.

Q: Every time I call a computer company for support, they tell me that I need to sign a contract, is that the case with you?

A: No – not at all.  While Grand Solutions offers various types of Support Agreements for people who like having the peace of mind, you do not need a contract to receive support.

Q: What type of hardware and software does Grand Solutions sell?

A: Grand Solutions DOES NOT sell any hardware or software of any kind.  We have great relationships with various vendors and act on your behalf as your IT person when acquiring equipment.  It is purchased directly by you from the vendor – thus cutting out the middle man and saving money.

Q: I have a mixed environment of PC’s and MAC’s – do you support both?

A: Yes!

Q: I am expanding my office and need to move equipment and add additional cabling for connections.  Do you provide cabling?

A: Yes we do.  Grand Solutions can install the required cabling and plan the move for you.  We can also work with any local building contractors and associations to make sure everything meets your needs - both current and in the future.