Document Archiving


Grand Solutions has been providing information management and data processing services designed to meet the specific needs of organizations for the past 10 years. In providing these services, our approach has always been to listen to the customer and develop common sense solutions while using the most innovative technology. Our time-honored approach has served our customers well, and we have a proven track record in the service industry.

There are many advantages to scanning your information and as the speed and efficiency of scanning has improved so dramatically in recent years, the cost implication is far less of an issue. Grand Solutions specializes in the conversion of hard copy information into digital formats. Scanning of both high volume and low volume small format documentation. 

Our customized solutions digitally capture and store all types of documents online for immediate availability, eliminating the need for off-site records management facilities while addressing continuity of business and disaster recovery concerns.

Some of our digital services include: 

  • Document Preparation
  • Document Coding & Assembly, Unitization
  • Document Scanning & Indexing
  • Electronic or Manual Bates Numbering
  • Image Stamping
  • Full Text OCR
  • Post Processing & Cleanup
  • Electronic Data Discovery
  • Database Management Services
  • Custom Database Reporting
  • Data Conversion
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • CD/DVD or USB Duplication
  • High-Speed Digital Printing Services

Scans and index information can be returned on CD ROM or USB complete with search, view, print software which can be easily configured for network access as well as local CD based access.

Whether you need to convert a large backfile of documents or have ongoing imaging requirements, Grand Solutions has what it takes to make this happen. Our document capture system is built for production. Using the latest high-speed scanners and leading software technology, we can provide your company with the ability to convert paper records into searchable, digital images