Network Security

Network Security

At Grand Solutions, we can provide your company with a broad range of security auditing services. After reviewing and analyzing the results, we can then offer suggestions on what hardware, software or configuration changes should be implemented in order to eliminate or lessen any potential risk to your company's systems.

Internal Analysis

An Internal Audit process would begin in which specific security problems are identified. Many of these “threats" are common and go unnoticed in networks everyday. Some of the more common security risks include, virus outbreaks, exposure to sensitive email or documents, unauthorized network usage, or missing company policies and procedures.

External Analysis

Grand Solutions can also provide an External Analysis of your network. Various tests would be run against any firewalls, routers, DMZ’s and/or servers to identify any exploits or security holes. In many cases, implementing software patches, configuration changes, or access lists can reduce the risk of an unauthorized user from compromising your network.

Real-World Attacks

Grand Solutions can provide the ultimate test of your network security. With the permission of the customer, Grand Solutions can simulate a broad range of real-world attacks against your network and systems utilizing many of the most common tools available today. Since the attack would be coordinated and controlled, the risk of any system damage or data loss would be minimal.

Grand Solutions will work with your staff in recommending changes that can be made to minimize or eliminate the security vulnerabilities that were discovered. In addition, we will provide you with a final detailed report describing in depth the problems found and any recommended changes.

The key in developing a secure network infrastructure is managing and identifying the issues that comprise any security project. Security systems can be very complex and demand a lot of their users. In addition, without adequate training and exposure to the threats that exist in a network environment, sorting out the important and unimportant security problems can be a frustrating task. A network is only as secure as its users.

Why is verifying that you have a solid security infrastructure important? First, because it greatly reduces the likelihood of security breaches, downtime and loss of company assets & data. Second, it also can protect your company from legal liability, or damages incurred.

Grand Solutions Security Analysis is a dependable and affordable way to get the security expertise you need, without tremendous financial commitment of full-time managed security solutions.