Voice & Data Cabling

Voice & Data Cabling

In today’s business climate, a reliable communications infrastructure is as important as dependable electrical power. Valuable IT resources should not be diverted from achieving your organization’s mission by repeatedly addressing cabling problems. Grand Solutions can add value to your organization by delivering a network infrastructure that will keep information moving throughout your enterprise. Grand Solutions provides robust, high-performance networking infrastructures using copper, fiber, and wireless components and sophisticated installation methods. All designs are reviewed by manufacturer-certified network engineering professionals.

One rule that never changes is that a companys structured cabling system is the platform in which all communications rely on. The cabling system usually supports multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of the hardware manufacturer.

Many companies overlook the importance of their cabling system. All too often large amounts of money is spent to upgrade hardware and associated technologies, but the cabling infrastructure is neglected.

Installation of a cabling infrastructure is more than just running some cables through a ceiling or wall. Many variables need to be considered before the first cable is run. To insure proper installation and years of continued operation, Grand Solutions takes a multi-step approach:

Initial Site Survey & Communications Needs Assessment – Understanding what systems and applications will be running on the infrastructure is key. In addition, knowing the local environment is crucial for proper and uninterrupted operation.

Network Design & Cost Analysis – Once the initial details are discovered, a backbone infrastructure will be designed to industry specifications taking into account all of the details that were obtained during the initial phase. A cost estimate will also be provided to the customer for budgetary pricing.

Initial Construction – If the facility that is being outfitted is “new” construction, Grand Solutions will work closely with the General Contractor and any vendors responsible for the building so that we can install the cabling as the build progresses. If the facility should be an existing location, with walls & partitions already in place, Grand Solutions can outlay the cabling within the existing structures utilizing all standards and codes that would apply.

Testing – Once the infrastructure has been installed, Grand Solutions will test all connections and verify that they meet all industry specifications. In addition, all connections will be labeled and full documentation presented to the customer.

Moves/Adds/Changes – In any environment, one thing that is constant is that change always occurs. With this in mind, attention is always focused on being able to change the existing infrastructure while also providing a path for expansion.